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1997 and earlier


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  1. Shilov Ju. I. Lanin D.V. Shirshev S.V.
    Effect of hydrocortisone on peripheral blood phagocytic cells under beta-adrenoreceptors blockade // Rossiĭskii fiziologicheskiĭ zhurnal imeni I.M. Sechenova (Ross. Fiziol. Zh. Im. I. M. Sechenova). (Moscow), 2003. Vol. 89, N 5. P. 543-550.
    Full text>>

  2. Tkachenko A.G. Nesterova L.Ju.

    Polyamines as Modulators of Gene Expression under Oxidative Stress in Escherichia coli

    // Biochemistry. Moscow, 2003. V.68, N8. P. 1040-1048.

  3. Korobov V.P. Demakova E.V. Lemkina L. M.
    Determination of gamma-aminobutyric acid concentration and activity of glutamatdecarboxylase in blood serum of patients with multiple sclerosis. // Clin.Lab.Diagn. (Moscow), 2003. 4. P. 15-17.

  4. Korobov V.P. Lemkina L. M. Poludova T.V. Titova A.V. AkimenkoN.K.
    New antibacterial peptide from lantibiotic family: isolation, physical-chemical properties, and inhibition of Gram-positive bacteria growth. // 7-th Internat. Workshop-Presentation of Innovation Scientific and Technical Projects “Biotechnology-2003” . Pushchino, Russia, 2003.

  5. Lopatina V.A. Shirshev S.V.
    Alterations in several parameters of the immune status and cortisol level under recurrent obstructive bronchitis in children. Immunocorrection by polyoxidonium // Medical Immunology. (Moscow), 2003. V. 5 N5-6. P. 555-562.

  6. Ivshina I.B. Kuyukina M.S. Kostarev S.M
    Application of ecologically safe express-technology of oil contaminated soil remediation (on the territory of Perm region) // Neftyanoe Khozaistvo.(In Russian). 2003. N 9. P. 116-119.

  7. Shirshev S.V. Bachmetyev B.A. Chereshnev V.A. Lopatina L.A. Zamorina S.A. Lyalina O.G.
    Assessment of the Immune Status of Women Working in the Potassium Salt Industry and Their Children // Russian Journal of Ecology. 2003. V. 34 N 6. P. 432-437.

  8. Maslov Ju.N. Solomenny A.P. Saralov A.I. Mochalova T.I.
    Bacteria of genus Acinetobacter in microbial ecology of a human // Proceedings from the All-Russian Scientific Conference "Topical Issues of Vaccine-Serum Matters in XXI century". (Perm), 2003. P. 288-290.

  9. Kuyukina M.S. Ivshina I.B. Richkova M.I. Philp J.C. Сunningham C.J. Christofi N.
    Bioremediation of crude oil-contaminated soil using slurry-phase biological treatment and land farming techniques // Soil and Sediment Contamination. AEHS, 2003. V. 12. N 1. P. 85-99.

  10. Rybkina D.O. Plotnikova E.G. Demakov V.A.
    Chlorobenzoate destruction with soil bacteria // Unified Scientific Journal. 2003. N 1. P. 73-82.

  11. Leonova L.E. Lepikhina E.A. Pavlova G.A. Shmagel K.V.
    Clinical-immunological evaluation of the efficacy of different methods of treatment the chronic periodontitis in patients with stomach ulcer // Perm Medical Journal. (Perm), 2003. V. 20 N3-4. P. 150-154(5).

  12. Shmagel K.V. Belyaeva O.V. Chereshnev V.A.
    Current considerations on immunology of periodontitis // Stomatology. (Moscow), 2003. V. 82 N1. P. 61-64.

  13. Pshenichnov R.A. Maslennikova I.L.
    Determination and quantitative estimation of bile antibacterial properties in reaction of microbioluminescence inhibition // Perm Medical Journal. (Perm), 2003. N3-4. P. 69-72.

  14. Pshenichnov R.A. Maslennikova I.L. Nikitina N.M.
    Effect of antibacterial factors and biostimulators of cell metabolism on bacterial bioluminescence // Applied Biochemistry and Microbiology. (Moscow), 2003. N3. P. 307-312.

  15. Kuklina E.M. Shirshev S.V. Sharova N.I. Yarilin A.A.
    Effect of chorionic gonadotropin on thymocyte differentiation in presence of thymic epithelial cells // Russian Journal of Developmental Biology. 2003. V. 34 N1. P. 48-54.

  16. Maksimov A.Ju. Remezovskaya N.B. Demakov V.A.
    Effect of flavonoids on the ecology of enterobacteria // Ecology. (Moscow), 2003. V.34 N2. P. 121-125.

  17. Maksimov A.Ju. Kuznetsova M.V. Ovechkina G.V. Kozlov S.V. Maksimova Ju.G. Demakov V.A.
    Effect of nitriles and amides on growth and nitrile hydrase activity of Rhodococcus sp. gt1 // Applied Biochemistry and Microbiology. (Moscow), 2003. V.39 N1. P. 63-68.

  18. Gein S.V. Simonenko T.A. Tendryakova S.P.
    Effect of rotation stress on the immune parameters. Role of opiate receptors // Issues in Endocrinology. (Moscow), 2003. N6. P. 56-58.

  19. Tolstikov A.G. Grishko V.V. Ivshina I.B.
    Enantioselective biocatalysis of organic sulfides to chiral sulfoxides using rhodococci // In Book.: Current Problems of Asymmetric Synthesis. Tolstikov A.G., Tolstikov G.A., Ivshina I.B., Grishko V.V. et al. (In Russian). //Yekaterinburg: Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. 2003. P. 165-207.

  20. Shirshev S.V. Bachmetyev B.A. Chereshnev V.A. Lopatina V.A. Zamorina S.A. Lyalina O.G.
    Evaluation of the immune status in women working in potassium production, and their children // Ecology. (Moscow), 2003. N6. P. 472-477.

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