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  1. Tarasova E.V. Grishko V.V. Ivshina I.B.
    Cell adaptations of Rhodococcus rhodochrous IEGM 66 to betulin biotransformation // Process Biochemistry. 2017. V. 52. P. 1-9. DOI 10.1016/j.procbio.2016.10.003.

  2. Shilov Ju. I. Chereshneva M.V. Gavrilova T.V. Usova V.V. Chereshnev V.A.
    Changes of immune system functions and its correction under penetrating eye injury // New Frontiers in Ophthalmology. Ц 2017. Ц Vol. 3, Issue 4. Ц P.1-7. doi: 10.15761/NFO.1000171.. 2017. Vol. 3, Issue 4. doi: 10.15761/NFO.1000171. P. 1-7.
    Full text>>

  3. Smirnova G.V. Tyulenev A.V. Muzyka N.G. Peters M.A. Oktyabrsky O.N.
    Ciprofloxacin provokes SOS-dependent changes in respiration and membrane potential and causes alterations in the redox status of Escherichia coli // Research in Microbiology. 2017. V. 168 (1). P. 64-73.
    Full text>>

  4. Olsson B.E. Korsakova E.S. Ananjina L.N. Pyankova A.A. Mavrodi O.V. Plotnikova E.G. Mavrodi D.V.
    Draft genome sequences of strains Salinicola socius SMB35T, Salinicola sp. MH3R3Ц1 and Chromohalobacter sp. SMB17 from the Verkhnekamsk potash mining region of Russia // Standards in Genomic Sciences. 2017. 12:39.
    Full text>>

  5. Maslennikova I.L. Kuznetsova M.V. Nekrasova I.V. Shirshev S.V.
    Effect of bacterial components of mixed culture supernatants of planktonic and biofilm Pseudomonas aeruginosa with commensal Escherichia coli on the neutrophil response in vitro // Pathog Dis.. 2017. Nov 30;75(8). P. doi: 10.1093/femspd/ftx105..

  6. Sharavin D.Yu. Kovalevskaya N.P.
    Effect of halotolerant methylotrophs isolated from saline soil rhizosphere on diminution of salt stress in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) // Journal of Agriculture and Environment. Ekaterinburg: Cifra, 2017. N 3(4). P. doi: 10.23649/jae.2017.3.4.3.

  7. Nazarov A.V. Shestakova E.A. Ananjina L.N.
    Effect of red clover on the microbial transformation of phenanthrene and octadecane in the soil // Eurasian Soil Science. 2017. V. 50. N 8. P. 971Ц976.
    Full text>>

  8. Ivshina I.B. Kuyukina M.S. Krivoruchko A.V.
    Hydrocarbon-oxidizing bacteria and their potential in eco-biotechnology and bioremediation // In: Microbial Resources: From Functional Existence in Nature to Industrial Applications, editor I. Kurtböke, Elsevier. 2017. P. 121-148. ISBN 978-0-12-804765-1.

  9. Kuyukina M.S. Ivshina I.B. Serebrennikova M.K. Krivoruchko A.V. Korshunova I.O. Peshkur T.A. Cunningham C.J.
    Oilfield wastewater biotreatment in a fluidized-bed bioreactor using co-immobilized Rhodococcus cultures // Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering. 2017. V. 5. No. 1. P. 1252-1260.

  10. Korotaev M.Yu. Vikhareva E.V. Belonogova V.D. Ivshina I.B.
    Phytoregulating action of bacterial paracetamol degradation products // Bulletin of Perm University. Biology. 2017. Issue 1. P. 60-69.

  11. Grishko V.V. Tolmacheva I.A. Nebogatikov V.O. Galaiko N.V. Nazarov A.V. Dmitriev M.V. Ivshina I.B.
    Preparation of novel ring-A fused azole derivatives of betulin and evaluation of their cytotoxicity // European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. 2017. V. 125. P. 629-639. DOI: 10.1016/j.ejmech.2016.09.065.

  12. Tkachenko A.G. Kashevarova N.M. Tyuleneva E.A. Shumkov M.S.
    Stationary-phase genes upregulated by polyamines are responsible for the formation of Escherichia coli persister cells tolerant to netilmicin // FEMS Microb Lett. 2017. 364(9).

  13. Solyanikova I.P. Suzina N.E. Egozarjan N.S. Polivtseva V.N. Golovleva L.A. Mulyukin A.L. El-Registan G.I. Egorova D.O.
    Structural and functional rearrangements in the cells of actinobacteria Microbacterium foliorum BN52 during transition from vegetative growth to a dormant state and during germination of dormant forms // Microbiology. 2017. V. 86. N 4. P. 476Ц486.
    Full text>>

  14. Eroshenko D.V. Poludova T.V. Korobov V.P.
    Role of proton-motive force in adhesion and biofilm formation by Staphylococcus epidermidis // Microbiology. 2016. V. 85, N. 4. P. 506Ц508. DOI: 10.1134/S0026261716040044.
    Full text>>

  15. Kozyreva L. Egorova D. Ananjina L.N. Plotnikova E.G. Ariskina E. Prisyazhnaya N. Radnaeva L. Namsaraev B.
    Belliella buryatensis sp. nov., isolated from alkaline lake water // IJSEM. 2016. V. 66. P. 137-143.
    Full text>>

  16. Nazarova E.A. Egorova D.O.
    Association of Lindane destructor microorganisms isolated from soil, long-term contaminated by organochlorine pesticides // УMicrobial BiotechnologyФ: 3rd International Scientific Conference on Microbial Biotechnology (October 12Ц13, 2016, Chisinau, Moldova). 2016. P. 147.

  17. Kylosova T.I. Elkin A.A. Grishko V.V. Ivshina I.B.
    Biotransformation of prochiral sulfides into (R)-sulfoxides using immobilized Gordonia terrae IEGM 136 cells // Journal of Molecular Catalysis B: Enzymatic. 2016. V. 123. P. 8−13. DOI:10.1016/j.molcatb.2015.10.014.

  18. Kuyukina M.S. Ivshina I.B. Korshunova I.O. Stukova G.I. Krivoruchko A.V.
    Diverse effects of a biosurfactant from Rhodococcus ruber IEGM 231 on the adhesion of resting and growing bacteria to polystyrene // AMB Express. 2016. V. 6. N. 14. DOI: 10.1186/s13568-016-0186-z.

  19. Nazarov A.V. Egorova D.O. Makarenko A.A. Demakov V.A. Plotnikova E.G.
    Ecological-microbiological assessment of polychlorinated biphenyl-contaminated grounds // Human Ecology. 2016. V. 3. P. 3-8. DOI:10.33396/1728-0869-2016-3-3-8.

  20. Kuyukina M.S. Ivshina I.B. Elkin A.A. Peshkur T.A. Cunningham C.J.
    Management of crude oil and heavy metal contaminated sites in Russia using a risk assessment approach // Proc. International Conference on Contaminated Sites. 12-13 September 2016. Bratislava, Slovakia, 2016. P. 33-36.

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