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1997 and earlier


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  1. Orlova E.G. Shirshev S.V. Loginova O.A.
    Mechanisms of leptin and ghrelin action on maturation and functions of dendritic cells // Biochemistry (Moscow). 2019. Vol. 84, No. 1. P. 1-10.

  2. Poludova T.V. Eroshenko D.V. Korobov V.P.
    Рlasma, serum, albumin and divalent metal ions inhibit adhesion and biofilm formation of Cutibacterium (Propionibacterium) acnes // AIMS Microbiology. 2018. V. 4, N. 1. P. 165-172.
    Full text>>

  3. Krivoruchko A.V. Iziumova A.Yu. Kuyukina M.S. Plekhov O.A. Naimark O.B. Ivshina I.B.
    Adhesion of Rhodococcus ruber IEGM 342 to polystyrene studied using contact and non-contact temperature measurement techniques // Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology. 2018. V. 102, N. 19. P. 8525–8536. DOI: 10.1007/s00253-018-9297-6.

  4. Cheremnykh N.A. Luchnikova V.V. Grishko I.B. Ivshina I.B.
    Bioconversion of ecotoxic dehydroabietic acid using Rhodococcus actinobacteria // Journal of Hazardous Materials. 2018. V. 346. P. 103–112. DOI: 10.1016/j.jhazmat.2017.12.025.

  5. Ivshina I.B. Tyumina E.A. Vikhareva E.V.
    Biodegradation of Emerging Pollutants: focus on Pharmaceuticals // Microbiology Australia. 2018. V. 39, N. 3. P. 117−122.

  6. Younes S.A. Talla A. Ribeiro S.P. Saidakova E.V. Korolevskaya L.B. Shmagel K.V. Shive C.L. Freeman M.L. Panigrahi S. Zweig S. Balderas R. Margolis L. Douek D.C. Anthony D.D. Pandiyan P. Cameron M. Sieg S.F. Calabrese L.H. Rodriguez B. Lederman M.M.
    Cycling CD4+ T cells in HIV-infected immune nonresponders have mitochondrial dysfunction // The Journal of Clinical Investigation. 2018. V.128, #11. P. 5083-5094.

  7. A. Kulesh V. Drobakha Kuklina E.M. I. Nekrasova V. Shestakov.
    Cytokine response, tract-specific fractional anisotropy, and brain morphometry in post-stroke cognitive impairment // Journal of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases. 2018. V. 27, No. 7. P. 1752-1759.
    Full text>>

  8. Maslennikova I.L. Kuznetsova M.V. N. Toplak Nekrasova I.V. D. Žgur Bertok M. Starčič Erjavec
    Estimation of ColE7 conjugation-based »kill« – »anti-kill« antimicrobial system by real-time PCR, fluorescence staining and bioluminescence assays // Letters in Applied Microbiology. 2018. V. 67, № 1. P. 47-53.
    Full text>>

  9. Shirshev S.V. Orlova E.G. Loginova O.A. Nekrasova I.V. Gorbunova O.L. Maslennikova I.L.
    Hormonal regulation of dendritic cell differentiation in the thymus // Bulletin of Experimental Biology and medicine. 2018. Vol. 165, No. 2. P. 230-234.
    Full text>>

  10. Kuyukina M.S. Krivoruchko A.V. Ivshina I.B.
    Hydrocarbon- and metal-polluted soil bioremediation: progress and challenges // Microbiology Australia. 2018. V. 39, N. 3. P. 133−136.

  11. Shmagel K.V. Saidakova E.V.
    Immune Disorders in HIV-Infected Patients Coinfected with Hepatitis C Virus // Advances in HIV and AIDS Control. London: InTech Open, 2018. P. 45-65.
    Full text>>

  12. Saidakova E.V. Shmagel K.V. Korolevskaya L.B. Shmagel N.G. Chereshnev V.A.
    Lymphopenia-induced proliferation of CD4 T-cells is associated with CD4 T-lymphocyte exhaustion in treated HIV-infected patients // Indian J Med Res. 2018. V.147. P. 376-383.

  13. Elkin A.A. Kylosova T.I. Osipenko M.A. Nyashin Yu.I. Grishko V.V. Ivshina I.B.
    Mathematical Simulating the Biokatalytic Transformation of Methyl Phenyl Sulfide into (R)-Sulfoxide // Catalysis in Industry. 2018. V. 10, N. 1. P. 83–90. DOI: 10.1134/S2070050418010051.

  14. Smirnova G.V. Oktyabrsky O.N.
    Relationship between Escherichia coli growth rate and bacterial susceptibility to ciprofloxacin // FEMS Microbiology Letters. 2018. V. 365 (1). P. fnx 254.
    Full text>>

  15. Ivshina I.B. Kuyukina M.S.
    Specialized microbial resource centers: a driving force of the growing bioeconomy // In: S.K. Sharma, A. Varma (еds.), Microbial Resource Conservation, Soil Biology. 2018. V. 54. P. 111−140 (451 pp.). Springer International Publishing AG, part of Springer Nature, 2018. ISBN 978-3-319-96970-1. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-96971-8_4.

  16. Tyulenev A Smirnova G.V. Muzyka N. Ushakov V. Oktyabrsky O.N.
    The role of sulfides in stress-induced changes of Eh in Escherichia coli cultures // Bioelectrochemistry. 2018. V. 121. P. 11-17.
    Full text>>

  17. Kononova L.I. Filatova L.B. Eroshenko D.V. Korobov V.P.
    Suppression of development of vancomycin-resistant Staphylococcus epidermidis by low-molecular-weight cationic peptides of the lantibiotic family // Microbiology. 2017. V. 86, N. 5. P. 571–582.
    Full text>>

  18. Eroshenko D.V. Poludova T.V. Korobov V.P.
    N-acetylcysteine inhibits growth, adhesion and biofilm formation of Gram-positive skin pathogens // Microbial Pathogenesis. 2017. V.105. P. 145-152.
    Full text>>

  19. Gorbunova M.N. Lemkina L. M. Lebedeva I.I. Kisel’kov D.M. Chekanova L.G.
    Silver- porous aluminium oxide nanocomposites as perspective antiseptics and bactericides // Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine. 2017. V. 28. P. 40.
    Full text>>

  20. Poludova T.V. Lemkina L. M. Likhatskaya G. N. Korobov V.P.
    Optimization of production conditions and 3D-structure modeling of novel antibacterial peptide of lantibiotic family // Applied Biochemistry and Microbiology. 2017. V. 53 (1). P. 40-46.
    Full text>>

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