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  1. Egorova D.O. Gorbunova T. I. Pervova M.G. Demakov V.A.
    Bacterial degradation of a mixture obtained through the chemical modification of polychlorinated biphenyls by polyethylene glycols // Applied Biochemistry and Microbiology. 2014. V. 50. N. 7. P. 722Ц729.
    Full text>>

  2. Solyanikova I.P. Plotnikova E.G. Shumkova E.S. Robota I.V. Prisyzhnaya N.V. Golovleva L.A.
    Chloromuconolactone dehalogenase ClcF of actinobacteria // Journal of Environmental Science and Health. 2014. P. B. V. 49. P. 422Ц431.
    Full text>>

  3. Kozyreva L.P. Egorova D.V. Ananjina L.N. Plotnikova E.G. Namsaraev B.B.
    Microbial diversity of cellulolytic community of the sandy mat from lake Zun-Torey (Southern Transbaikalia) // Inland Water Biology. 2014. V. 7. N 2. P. 134Ц140.
    Full text>>

  4. Shumkova E.S. Egorova D.O. Korsakova E.S. Dorofeeva L.V. Plotnikova E.G.
    Molecular biological characterization of biphenyl-degrading bacteria and identification of the biphenyl 2,3-Dioxygenase α-subunit genes // Microbiology. 2014. V. 83. N. 1Ц2. P. 160Ц168.
    Full text>>

  5. Egorova D.O. Demakov V.A. Plotnikova E.G.
    Bioaugmentation of a polychlorobiphenyl contaminated soil with two aerobic bacterial strains // Journal of Hazardous Materials. 2013. V. 261. P. 378-386.
    Full text>>

  6. Egorova D.O. Korsakova E.S. Demakov V.A. Plotnikova E.G.
    Degradation of aromatic hydrocarbons by the Rhodococcus wratislaviensis KT112-7 isolated from waste products of a salt-mining plant // Applied Biochemistry and Microbiology. 2013. V. 49. N. 3. P. 244Ц255.
    Full text>>

  7. Plotnikova E.G. Korsakova E.S. Ananjina L.N.
    Halophilic microorganisms from the Verkhnekamsk salt mining region (Russia) // FEMS 2013, 5th Congress of European Microbiologists. Leipzig, Germany, 2013. Abstact є 763.

  8. Plotnikova E.G. Solyanikova I.P. Egorova D.O. Shumkova E.S. Golovleva L.A.
    Degradation of 4-chlorobiphenyl and 4-chlorobenzoic acid by the strain Rhodococcus ruber P25 // Microbiology. 2012. “. 81. N 2. P. 143Ц153.
    Full text>>

  9. Plotnikova E.G. Ananjina L.N. Krauzova V.I. Ariskina E.V. Prisyazhnaya N.V. Lebedev A.T. Demakov V.A. Evtushenko L.I.
    Thalassospira permensis sp. nov., a novel halotolerant bacterium isolated from a naphthalene-utilizing microbial consortium // Microbiology. 2011. V.5. P. 691-699.

  10. Streshinskaya G.M. Shashkov A.S. Potekhina N.V. Kozlova Yu.I. TulТskaya E.M. Senchenkova S.N. Kudryashova E.B. Ananjina L.N.
    Carbohydrate-containing cell wall polymers of some strains of the Bacillus subtilis group // Microbiology. 2011. V. 80. є 1. P. 21-29.
    Full text>>

  11. Egorova D.O. Demakov V.A. Plotnikova E.G.
    Destruction of mixture of tri-hexa-chlorinated biphenyls by Rhodococcus genus strains // Applied Biochemistry and Microbiology. 2011. V. 47. P. 599Ц606.
    Full text>>

  12. Plotnikova E.G. Yastrebova O.V. Ananjina L.N. Dorofeeva L.V. Lysanskaya V.Ya. Demakov V.A.
    Halotolerant bacteria of the genus Arthrobacter degrading polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons // Russian Journal of Ecology. 2011. V. 42. P. 503Ц510.
    Full text>>

  13. Ananjina L.N. Yastrebova O.V. Demakov V.A. Plotnikova E.G.
    Naphthalene-degrading bacteria of the genus Rhodococcus from the Verkhnekamsk salt mining region of Russia // Antonie van Leeuwenhoek Journal of Microbiology. 2011. V. 100. P. 309Ц316.
    Full text>>

  14. Egorova D.O. Plotnikova E.G. Mekhaev A.V. Yatluk Yu.G. Demakov V.A. Chupakhin O.N.
    Utilization of polychlorinated biphenyls with the use of chemical and biological processes // Doklady Chemistry. 2011. P. 1. V. 441. P. 334Ц337.
    Full text>>

  15. Egorova D.O. Shumkova E.S. Demakov V.A. Plotnikova E.G. Demakov V.A.
    Degradation of chlorinated biphenyls and products of their bioconversion by Rhodococcus sp. B7a strain // Applied Microbiology and Biochemistry. Moscow, 2010. V. 46. P. 644-650.
    Full text>>

  16. Kuznetsova M.V. Plotnikova E.G. Karpunina T.I. Gorovits E.S. Demakov V.A.
    Molecular-genetic investigations in laboratory diagnosis and monitoring of hospital infection pathogens // Perm Medicinal Journal. Perm, 2010. V. 27. N 6. P. 29-38.

  17. Nazarov A.V. Ananjina L.N. Yastrebova O.V. Plotnikova E.G.
    The effect of oil contamination on bacteria in a soddy-podzolic soil // Eurasian Soil Science. 2010. V. 43. N 12. P. 1382Ц1386.
    Full text>>

  18. Yastrebova O.V. Plotnikova E.G. Ananjina L.N. Demakov V.A.
    Aerobic spore-forming bacteria from the region of salt-mining (in English) // Russian Journal of Ecology. 2009. V. 40. N 7. P. 516Ц521.
    Full text>>

  19. Shumkova E.S. Solyanikova I.P. Plotnikova E.G. Golovluova L.A.
    Degradation of para-toluate by bacterium Rhodococcus ruber P25 // Microbiology. Moscow, 2009. 78 N 3. P. 427-429.
    Full text>>

  20. Egorova D.O. Plotnikova E.G.
    Gram-positive bacteria-destructors of chlorinated biphenyls being promising for the use under the bioremediation of polluted soil // Biotechnology. Moscow, 2009. N 3. P. 72-79.

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