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  1. Shilov D.Ju. Godovalov A.P. Makukha V.A. Shilov Ju. I. Kislykh F.I.
    Cytokine levels in the wound exudate during treatment of secondary purulent wounds of soft tissues of the maxillofacial area using radiowave device and local application of perfluorane // Cytokines & inflammation. 2010. Volume 9, No. 4. P. 144-146.
    Full text>>

  2. Chereshnev V.A. Shilov Ju. I. Chereshneva M.V. Chuprina V.V. Gavrilova T.V.
    Dependence of the lymphocyte proliferative response on the endogenous cortisol level and sensitivity to β-adrenergic regulation in vitro in the early period of penetrating eye injury // Doklady Biological Sciences. 2010. Volume 434, Issue 1. P. 304-306.
    Full text>>

  3. Chereshnev V.A. Gein S.V. Bayeva T.A. Galkina T.V. Kuyukina M.S. Ivshina I.B.
    Modulation of cytokine secretion and oxidative metabolism of innate immune effectors by Rhodococcus biosurfactant // Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine (Byulleten’ Eksperimental’noi Biologii i Meditsiny). 2010. V. 149. N 6. P. 734-738.

  4. Korolevskaya L.B. Shmagel K.V. Khlebtsov N.G.
    Spectroturbidimetric determination of the sizes of poly(ethylene glycol)-induced insoluble immune complex particles // Colloid Journal. 2010. Vol. 72, No. 4. P. 504-511.

  5. Gavrilova T.V. Shilov Ju. I. Chuprina V.V. Lobanova N.L. Chereshneva M.V. Chereshnev V.A.
    Mechanisms of immune alterations and immunocorrection by myelopeptides under penetrating eye injury // Refractive surgery and ophthalmology. 2009. Volume 9, No. 4. P. 29-35.
    Full text>>

  6. Shmagel K.V. Chereshnev V.A.
    Molecular bases of immune complex pathology // Biochemistry (Moscow). 2009. Vol. 74, No. 5. P. 469-479.

  7. Gein S.V. Gorshkova K.G. Tendryakova S.P.
    Regulation of Interleukin-1beta and Interleukin-8 Production by Agonists of mu and delta Opiate Receptors in Vitro // Neuroscience and Behavioral Physiology. 2009. V. 39, No. 6. P. 591 - 595.

  8. Rayev M.B. Shmagel K.V.
    Carbon particle-based creation of multi-purpose highly stable reagent for detection of immunological reactions // Collected articles "Results of scientific investigations in 2007". (Moscow): Perm Scientific Centre, 2008. part 2. P. 132-136.

  9. Rayev M.B. Shmagel K.V.
    Carbon-protein covalent conjugates in noninstrumental immunodiagnostic systems // Journal of Immunological Methods. 2008. V.336, №1. P. 9-15.

  10. Gein S.V. Bayeva T.A. Kuyukina M.S. Ivshina I.B. Chereshnev V.A.
    Effect of biosurfactant glycolipid complex R. ruber IEGM 231 on the secretory activity of the innate immunity effectors // Herald of Ural Medical Academic Science. (In Russian). 2008. N 4. P. 63-65.

  11. Berkasova Gavrilova T.V. Shilov Ju. I. Chereshneva M.V. N.L. Medvedeva Chereshnev V.A. S.J. Krochina N.B.
    Effects of myelopeptides on immune response and morphometrical manifestations of inflammation in experimental penetrating wound of the eye // Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine. 2008. Volume 145, Issue 3. P. 341-343.
    Full text>>

  12. Gavrilova T.V. Chuprina V.V. Davydova E.V. Shilov Ju. I. Chereshneva M.V. Chereshnev V.A.
    Immunomodulatory action of myelopidum under its inclusion in complex therapy of patients with penetrating ocular injuries // Medical Immunology (In Russian). 2008. Т. 10, № 2-3. P. 239-244.
    Full text>>

  13. Chereshnev V.A. Rayev M.B.
    Multi-purpose serodiagnosis based on carbon nanoparticles // Perm Medical Journal. (Perm), 2008. V.25 N5. P. 42-47.

  14. Chereshnev V.A. Rayev M.B.
    Noninstrumental detection of group A streptococci // Herald of Ural Medical Academic Science. (Ekaterinburg), 2008. N4. P. 53-58.

  15. Shmagel K.V.
    Secondary immunodeficiencies // Russian Allergological Journal. (Moscow), 2008. N1 suppl.1. P. 356-358.

  16. Schmidt D.V. Shmagel K.V. Mozgovaya L.A. Belyaeva O.V.
    State of local immunity in patients with chronic generalized periodontitis // Stomatology. (Moscow), 2008. N4. P. 33-38.

  17. Chereshnev V.A. Faizrakhmanov R.R. Gavrilova T.V. Chereshneva M.V. Shilov Ju. I. Rodionov S.Ju.
    The use of profetal for correction of the stress-and trauma-induced changes in the immune response against a xenogeneic antigen in rats with a penetrating wound of the eye // Doklady Biological Sciences. 2007. Volume 417, Issue 1. P. 420 - 422.
    Full text>>

  18. Gavrilova T.V. Berkasova N.L. Shilov Ju. I. Chereshneva M.V. Chereshnev V.A.
    Myelopeptides in treatment for stress- and injury-induced changes in the immune response to a heterologous thymus-dependent antigen in rats with penetrating eye wounds // Doklady Biological Sciences. (Moscow), 2007. Volume 412, Issue 1. P. 8 - 10.
    Full text>>

  19. Rayev M.B. Shmagel K.V. Chereshnev V.A.
    Application of carbon nanoparticles in immunodiagnosis // Herald of Ural Medical Academic Science. (Ekaterinburg), 2007. N3(17). P. 59-62.

  20. Gein S.V. Gavrilova T.V. Chereshnev V.A.
    Effect of myelopeptides on IFN-gamma and IL-4 production by peripheral blood lymphocytes // Proceedings of the Russian Academy of Sciences. (Moscow), 2007. V.413 N2. P. 1-3.

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