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  • Biochemical and genetic systems of organic compound transformation in bacteria being promising for biotechnologies;
    Х Study of the processes of induced mutagenesis under experimental and actual chemical loading;
    Х Selection, chemical mutagenesis and genetic engineering of microbial strains for biotransformation, biocatalysis, and biodegradation of organic compounds;
    Х Examination of the processes of metabolism and biotransformation of carboxylic acid derivatives: nitriles, amides, esters, aliphatic and aromatic acids; aromatic compounds: benzene, naphthalene, phenol, pyridine, quinolone, acridine, PAH derivatives, halogen-derived aromatic hydrocarbons, sulfur-containing aromatic compounds;
    Х Study of enzymes of organic substance metabolism: nitrile hydrases, nitrilases, amidases, carboxyl esterases, aldoxime dehydratases;
    Х Analysis of the effect of different immobilization methods on biocatalytic systems, biocatalysis;
    Х Study of plasmids and resistance factors for the construction of cloning vectors;
    Х Examination of mutagenic and anti-mutagenic effects, repair processes and alteration in general nucleic exchange under the effect of alkylating and intercalating agents, oxidants, salts of heavy metals, phenol compounds, flavonoids, and other biogenic and abiogenic substances of bacterial cells.;

  • Examination of metabolic degradation pathways of (mono) poly-aromatic compounds and their halogenated derivatives, and characterization of key enzymes of active bacteria-destructors for the transformation of these compounds;
    Х The study of bacterial genetic systems that control the degradation of poly-aromatic hydrocarbons, poly-chlorinated biphenyls, and chlorobenzoates. Characterization of D-plasmids and genes encoding enzymes of the initial stages of aromatic xenobiotic destruction;
    Х Isolation, investigation of bacteria and microbial associations utilizing poly-aromatic hydrocarbons under highly mineralized conditions. Formation of model bacterial associations that effectively degrade individual polychlorinated biphenyls and their mixtures;
    Х Examination of structure and functioning of soil microbial communities under technogenic pollution.

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